AirVent 3.3 inch EC fan motor energy star UL standard constant air flow 120VAC input 45W Pass All Testing

May 16, 2022
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AirVent 3.3inch EC fan Motor



EC stands for Electronically Commutated, and it combines AC and DC voltages bringing the best of both worlds.
The motor runs on a DC voltage, but with a single phase 115VAC/230VAC or three phase 400VAC supply. The motor incorporates voltage transformation within the motor. The non-rotating part of the motor (stator) is extended to make room for an electronic PCBoard which includes power transformation AC to DC, as well as the controls.



An EC motor (Electronically Commutated) is a brushless, direct current, external rotor type of motor. In commutation electronics, an AC voltage is changed into a direct voltage by a commutator.

The motor position is dependent upon voltage supplied via an inverter module (similar to the principle of a frequency inverter).The EC commutation electronics are different from a frequency inverter in that they decide how the motor phases in the stator are supplied with current (commutation) depending on position, rotation direction and default.





Permanent magnets in the rotor produce a magnetic field which is required for full load production. A high efficiency, low noise, and continuous motor speed control is possible with this. An assembly flange on the rotor is used for impeller assembly. Depending on the motor type, a terminal box is available with cable screw connections or connection cable for easy and quick connection. Depending on the application area is possible to adopt further control functions (e.g. constant pressure control, volume flow control, temperature control).
Conventional DC motors have a housing which contains all the assembly groups like carbon brushes, the collector, bearing, armature with winding, etc. They are arranged one after another. With the EC motor assembly, more space is saved and a collector and carbon brush are not necessary. Therefore the motor is significantly shorter and has great advantages with regard to dimensions when installing and quiet operation. The slightly higher investment costs for EC fans in comparison with conventional motors are mostly amortized within the shortest operation time because of the low energy consumption and lower installation costs (no transformer control, frequency inverter, or phased angle control is necessary).


  • EC Motors Great Advantages

-Advantages of EC technology
-Very high degree of efficiency
-Integrated controller (continuous control)
-Very simple connection
-Additional functions (pressure control, airflow, speed, temperature, air quality, etc.)
-Smaller-sized motor for the same level of performance
-Less power consumption



AirVent 3.3 inch EC Motor Constant Airflow Developed in 2021.

  • Retek 3.3inch EC motor Great Advantages:
    - Perfect drop-in replacement of 3.3” PSC motors
    - Controller embedded connecting to power source 120VAC/230VAC directly.
    - Built by UL standards and now under UL certification procedures.
    - Power range 20W~Max. 200W.
    - Efficiency over 80%, MORE energy saving.


  • Applications:
    central ventilation system/bathroom vent fans/air coolers/standing fans/wall bracket fans/air purifiers/humidifiers/industrial ventilation fans/air conditioners/automobile cooling fans.


  • Excellant Optional Solutions:

       (a) AirBoost version: Sensorless constant airflow,software compatible with Android and Windows.

       (b) DIP-SWITCH version:16 Speeds combination.




  • HOT knock-out features

AirBoost version:

  • Re-define your products performance connecting Retek software from your PC/Mobile Phone to motors.
  • Simply achieve the constant airflow performance.


DIP-SWITCH version:

  • Define the motor performance by 16 Optional DIP-Switches with a small screwdriver from rear cap window.


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